Social Psych 1

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Which theory states hostility arises from competition for materials (particularly scale and valuables)

Attitude is defined as

The frustration theory of aggression states

Culture is defined as

Cayne 2018 found that prosocial media to have strong effects on

Critical psychology states

Which theory states guilt leads to negative affective state lead to wanting to feel better?

Pro social behaviour is defined as

Latane & Darely 1976 found which 3 factors lead to the bystander effect.

Compare Factor Analysis and Data/ Discourse Analysis

The sociometer theory by Leary & Baumeister 2000) states

A blood test is really good at detecting Covid-19 but can't tell the difference between Covid-19 particles and residual Nandos in the blood. This test has...


Test your knowledge of theories related to aggression, prosocial behavior, and culture with this quiz. Explore concepts such as hostility, frustration theory of aggression, attitude, and the effects of prosocial media.

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