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Native bilingualism is not a mode of acquisition.

Declarative LTM is the recall of knowledge, contains conscious memory and is a top down approach.

Generation effect = Memory improves if you test yourself.

Luck 1996 measured the N400 amplitude in an attentional blink study and found.

A limitation of Broadbents' theory is

Coding = connection that occurs between what the physical stimulus is and how it is represented in the brain.

Articulatory suppression - increase in performance when participants are told to verbally rehearse (e. the the the) and try to remember a list of words presented visually.

Which part of the multistore model is responsible for when someone says something to you and you ask them to repeat what they said but as soon as they begin to repeat it, you remember.

What are the obstacles to processing language?

What would you expect to see if you conduct a STROOP task on monolinguals and bilinguals.

Which method is used to study Mental Jugglers?

The behaviourist approach is a type of...

Conflict effect = The difference between congruent and incongruent trials.

What can you conclude from the Winsconsin Card Sorting task about the functions of the PFC.

Which areas of the PFC is involved in "hot" (emotional/social) processes?

In the towers of London task which area of the brain is activated.

Executive functions are able to distinguish between bottom - up and top down processes.

Which areas of the brain are not fully developed in children?

Autobiography memory = memory of events in your life.

Reminiscence Bumps can shift.

The reminiscence bump can be explained by...

Experimental Cognitive Psychology has high ecological validity and face validity.


Test your knowledge about language processing, memory, and cognitive psychology with this quiz. Explore topics such as articulatory suppression, multistore model, coding, STROOP task, and methods used to study mental jugglers.

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