North American Winter Weather Disruptions

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What is the estimated percentage of the US population that is under some form of winter weather advisory or warning?

How many flights were cancelled within, into, or out of the US on Friday?

What is the name of the website that tracks utility reports?

What is the name of the bridge that connects Buffalo, NY, and Fort Erie, ON?

What is the most important advice for holiday travellers in Canada?


  • Weather warnings and advisories are in effect in Canada this holiday season.

  • Extreme cold is being reported in parts of the West, while rain, snow, and wind are also affecting parts of the country.

  • There have been collisions and power outages due to the weather conditions.

  • Holiday travellers are urged to use caution and avoid travelling if possible.

  • The United States is being affected by the same deep freezes and winter storms as Canada, but it's affecting more people.

  • More than 240 million people — about 60 per cent of the U.S. population — were under some form of winter weather advisory or warning on Friday.

  • Power outages have left more than 1.4 million homes and businesses in the dark, according to the website PowerOutage, which tracks utility reports.

  • On the travel front, more than 4,600 flights within, into or out of the U.S. were cancelled on Friday, according to the tracking site FlightAware, causing more mayhem as travellers try to make it home for the holidays.

  • Additionally, the weather also forced some cross-border bridges between the U.S. and Canada to close, including the Peace Bridge that connects Buffalo, N.Y., and Fort Erie, Ont.


Learn about the severe winter weather conditions affecting Canada and the United States, causing power outages, travel disruptions, and closures of cross-border bridges. Get insights into the impact on holiday travellers and the large population under winter weather advisories and warnings.

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