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What is the purpose of scanning in reading?

To quickly find specific information

Which reading approach involves reading a large amount of text voluntarily?

Extensive Reading

Which reading method involves quickly moving eyes down the page seeking specific words and phrases?


What is the purpose of inferencing and predicting in reading?

To develop cultural understanding

What is the purpose of extensive reading in language learning?

To learn a large number of words through context

What is the main idea of skimming in reading?

To quickly identify the main idea of the text

What is the purpose of Torii gates in Japanese culture?

To mark the boundary between scared and outside world

What is the primary function of audiobooks according to the text?

Ideal for second-language learners

What does multimedia technology aim to do with information according to the text?

Convey information more easily to the user

What is the purpose of digital storytelling according to the text?

To increase knowledge about a specific subject

What is the main characteristic of multimedia presentations according to the text?

Available in various viewing options

What is the primary use of digital image files in multimedia?

To create videos and animation

What role does text play in multimedia applications according to the text?

Make applications more user-friendly

Which type of files are needed to produce videos and animation in multimedia applications?

Image files

What kind of stories include talking animals or animated objects as principal characters according to the text?


What is the main function of digital video in multimedia according to the text?

Primary component in multimedia especially online and on television

Study Notes

Reading Strategies

  • Scanning in reading is used to locate specific information quickly.
  • Extensive reading in language learning involves reading a large amount of text voluntarily to improve language skills.

Reading Methods

  • Skimming involves quickly moving your eyes down the page to find specific words and phrases.
  • Inferencing and predicting in reading involve making educated guesses about the meaning of a text based on context clues.

Japanese Culture

  • Torii gates in Japanese culture serve as a symbolic entrance to a sacred or spiritual space.

Multimedia Technologies

  • Audiobooks provide an audio rendition of a written text, making it possible to multitask while consuming information.
  • Multimedia technology aims to integrate different forms of media, such as text, images, and audio, to convey information.
  • Digital storytelling uses multimedia elements to tell a story, often for educational or entertaining purposes.
  • Multimedia presentations typically combine different media forms, such as text, images, audio, and video, to convey information.
  • Digital image files are used in multimedia to convey visual information, such as photographs or illustrations.
  • Text plays a supporting role in multimedia applications, often used to provide context or explain visual elements.

Multimedia Applications

  • Video and animation in multimedia applications require multimedia files, such as MP4 or AVI files.
  • Digital video in multimedia is used to convey visual and auditory information, often for educational or entertaining purposes.


  • Fantasy stories often include talking animals or animated objects as principal characters, used to convey moral lessons or entertain.

Test your knowledge about the 21st century reading approach, focusing on solving reading problems, improving knowledge, inferencing, cultural understanding, and pronunciation skills. Practice identifying the main idea of a text through skimming.

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