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What is one of the significant changes that happened in the 21st Century according to the text?

Rise of the Internet

According to Greene (2014), what does increasing internet access pose for corporations?

Opportunities and challenges

What is required for success in the 21st Century according to the text?

Independent learning

Which mind refers to a continuation of practice and hard work to remain at the top of one’s game?

The Disciplined Mind

What must one develop to truly acquire a creating mind according to the text?

An adequate level of disciplinary mastery and some creativity to synthesize

What does Howard Giordan emphasize as essential for the future?

Development of five different minds for the future

What does an ethical mind consider according to Gardner?

The inherent uniqueness and complexity of other human beings

Which skill involves staying focused on important tasks while undergoing a deluge of distractions?


What does the term 'Anthropocene' refer to?

A period in Earth's history when human activity started to impact the planet's climate and ecosystem

What do the 3Rs x 7Cs represent in the context of 21st Century Learning?

A summary of skills for 21st Century Learning

What is the Holocene era characterized by?

Reduced human influence on the environment

What is the main focus of critical and creative thinking?

Employing standards of thinking and navigation of the knowledge landscape

According to Gardner, what does the Respectful mind assume?

Diversity is positive and the world would be a better place if individuals sought to respect one another

What is the main focus of 'Filtering' as a skill of a 21st Century Learner?

Managing Knowledge and extracting important elements

What does living in the Anthropocene signify?

Human activity has significantly impacted the planet's climate and ecosystem

What are the Altered processes of Validation primarily concerned with?

Validating people and ideas within appropriate context

Test your knowledge about the achievements, innovations, and changes that have shaped the 21st century, including the impact of the internet and the way people think, choose, and decide. This quiz explores the opportunities and challenges posed by increasing internet access and the role of learners in today's global society.

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