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Which type of energy is produced by piezoelectric materials in the probe?

Mechanical energy

What is the frequency range of ultrasound?

20 kHz - 20 MHz

How are sound waves in ultrasound interpreted?

They are reflected off the body

Study Notes

Ultrasound Principles

  • Mechanical energy from piezoelectric materials in the probe is converted into electrical energy.
  • The frequency range of ultrasound is typically between 2-18 MHz.
  • Sound waves in ultrasound are interpreted by measuring the time delay and intensity of reflected sound waves, which are then converted into images.

Test your knowledge on ultrasound technology and its principles! This quiz will cover topics such as the production of ultrasound using piezoelectric materials, how sound waves are emitted and interpreted, and more. Challenge yourself with this informative quiz on non-audible sound energy!

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