The Molecular Motion and Diffusion Quiz

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Which of the following best describes the random movement of molecules in a solution?

Chaotic and constant

What causes the dispersal of a dye when it dissolves in water?


What factors affect the rate of dispersal of a dye in a solution?

Size of the dye molecules

How can we observe the movement of molecules in biological systems?

Using a microscope

What is the ultimate goal of the net movement of molecules in a solution?

To reach equilibrium

Which of the following factors does NOT affect the rate of diffusion?

Size of the molecule

What is the primary determinant of a substance's direction of diffusion?


What is the main function of cellular membranes?

To selectively communicate with the environment

What term describes the passive, directional movement of molecules?


What determines the rate of diffusion, in addition to the concentration gradient?

Size and polarity of the molecule

Test your knowledge on molecular motion and diffusion with this quiz! Learn about how molecules move and distribute in solutions, and understand why a dissolved molecule tends to move from areas of high concentration to low concentration.

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