M.Sc. Mohammed Ghazi: Diffusion in Biology

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Which process involves the movement of molecules from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration without the use of a carrier molecule?

Simple diffusion

In facilitated diffusion, how do important molecules enter the cell?

Through specific protein channels or carrier proteins

What is the effect of a hypertonic solution on water molecules?

They tend to move out of the cell via osmosis

Which type of solution has the same water potential as the inside of the cell?

Isotonic solution

What distinguishes facilitated diffusion from simple diffusion?

Facilitated diffusion uses carrier proteins or specific channels

What happens in a hypotonic solution?

Water molecules tend to move into the cell via osmosis

How does water move during osmosis?

From a solution with lower water potential to higher water potential

Which statement about hypotonic solutions is accurate?

The solution contains fewer solutes than the inside of the cell

What characterizes isotonic solutions?

(Isotonic Solutions) No net movement of water.

Explore the process of molecules moving from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration in biology. Learn about simple diffusion and facilitated diffusion as forms of passive transport in cells.

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