Sustainable Business Management and Society Interaction chapter 3

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What is a key consequence of discrimination and exclusion in society?

Undermining of social sustainability

What does the definition of sustainable business management aim for?

Meaningful life for all human beings

According to Hofstede (1980), how is individualism defined?

Focus on personal autonomy and self-fulfilment

What has led to an increase in individualism globally according to a 2017 study?

Disasters and climate stress

What are the consequences of individualism?

Higher ecological footprints

What impact does social media have on Generation Y's mental health?

Increased pressure by norms and expectations

What is one negative consequence of biased access to information on social media?

Narrower view on society

What was GDPR a first attempt to regulate?

Data privacy

How has the storage of data changed with digitalization?

Data is now stored everywhere thanks to the internet, smartphones, GPS

What does sharing data often replace according to the text?

Payment for services

What is a common consequence of clicking 'agree' in pop-ups without reading the terms?

Potential exploitation of personal data

What does the Gini coefficient measure?

The level of income inequality in a country

What is the main focus of the Kuznets curve?

Creating a stable economy and legal foundation

How is wealth different from income?

Income is earned in a certain period, while wealth is the accumulation of valuable economic goods over time

What did Vilfredo Pareto's observation lead to?

Pareto's principle: 80% of the outcomes are driven by 20% of the efforts

How does inequality influence employees?

It leads to a more stable workforce

What does VUCA stand for in the context of social challenges?

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

What is one of the consequences of inequality on democracy?

Campaigning becomes more expensive for wealthy individuals

What is a specific form of inequality mentioned in the text?

Discrimination based on gender

What does the Kuznets curve suggest about the development of a country?

Basic needs need to be taken care of before resources and time can be spent on ecological products and services

What did Piketty state about households in developed countries?

'The ones that have access to labour, capital and nature'

Why are EU countries generally more equal than US and Russia?

Because of strong democracies and a particular type of economy.

What did Lorenz Curve measure?

Measures inequality so we can compare inequality in different countries.

What is the primary responsibility of HRM in a company?

Maximizing profit through employee selection and development

What is the focus of Green HRM?

Developing employees' ecological awareness and behavior

Which type of HRM ensures that HRM decisions can have a negative impact on employees outside the company?

Common Good HRM

What does Sustainable HRM acknowledge?

There is a tension between financial value and other types of value

What is the focus of Triple Bottom Line HRM?

Balancing economic, environmental, and social goals

What is the primary outcome of people's performance under the softer HRM approach?

Enhanced employee performance through trust, cooperation, well-being, and relationship management

What is the goal of Common Good HRM?

Taking a broader, outside-in approach

What is the main characteristic of Green HRM?

Primarily addresses ecological sustainability, less emphasis on social value

What does Triple Bottom Line HRM emphasize?

Balancing maximizing economic profit with sustainability goals

What is the focus of Socially Responsible HRM?

Aims to give back to society or compensate for harm

What is the requirement of Sustainable HRM?

Involvement in company's strategic decision making

What is the main focus of Common Good HRM?

Aims to address major societal challenges

Test your knowledge of sustainable business management and its influence on society. Explore the impact of business decisions on employees, households, communities, and the environment, as well as the reciprocal influence of society on business. Gain insights into the trends shaping modern businesses and their interactions with society.

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