Post-Digital Age and Sustainable Business Management chapter 8

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What does the post-digital age emphasize?

Rethinking processes instead of adding technology

What is a key impact of digitalization on businesses according to the text?

The disappearance of the middleman

What is a significant factor for companies due to digitalization?

Rethinking their products and services

What does the text suggest about workforce skills in the future?

Every employee needs to offer a digital experience

What is a consequence of the increased cost of digitalization according to the text?

Increased carbon emission and energy use

What becomes even more important in the future due to technology?

Humanity becomes even more important

What does the text imply about the future interaction with computers?

'Thinking' something will be enough for computers

What is a potential challenge mentioned in the text regarding predictions used by technology to make human life easier?

'Providing' data will create better experiences

What will change due to digitalization?

'Inequality' will rise even more

What is AI according to the definition provided in the text?

A field of computer science dedicated to solving cognitive problems commonly associated with human intelligence.

What is the main focus of the text?

Discussing the impact of digitalization on the economy

What is a key characteristic of true sustainable innovation?

It results in more sustainable product or service offerings

What is the main reason given for big companies being outrun by new entrants?

They are resistant to paradigm shifts

What type of innovation involves providing new and innovative options to the customer to generate business?

Service innovation

In the context of sustainable innovation, what does a shift from profit creation to value creation entail?

Transforming at an organizational and/or strategic level

What is a common characteristic of all four digital revolutions mentioned in the text?

Each revolution had three distinct stages

Which type of innovation involves enriching the customer-company relationship and stakeholder engagement?

Customer engagement innovation

What is described as being cut out during the mid-digital age of the digital revolution?

"Middle-man" intermediaries

In terms of sustainable innovation, what does a paradigm shift enable?

"Revolutionary" solutions when assumptions change

Which type of sustainable innovation entails changing the business model?

Profit model (Value model)

What is one way to enhance eco-efficiency according to the text?

Use sustainable energy over fossil fuels

What does sustainable innovation require?

Different thinking and approaches

How does the pace of innovation affect businesses, based on the text?

Businesses need to change their business models to keep up

What is emphasized as more important than ever for businesses, according to the text?

Ethics and privacy

What is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services called?


What does Gerd Leonhard suggest about predicting the future, based on the text?

We can no longer rely on knowledge and expertise of the past to predict the future

What change is required for KPIs for leaders, as per the text?

From valuing knowledge to valuing vision and agility

What should businesses do to keep up to date with knowledge and expertise, according to the text?

Join networks and create partnerships

What are some known sustainable solutions mentioned in the text?

Replace plastic packaging with biodegradable alternatives to reduce waste

What is necessary for achieving true sustainability, according to the text?

Different thinking and approaches

What is the focus of Augmented Intelligence (AI)?

Enhancing human intelligence

What is a key challenge of generative AI like ChatGPT?

Inaccuracy based on patterns and associations

What is the link between sustainability and digitalization?

Leads to more efficiency and better resource use

Which company is focused on creating the first implantable brain-computer interface?


What is the role of data in the context of sustainability and digitalization?

Can be used to measure pollution and planetary boundaries

What is Human-Level AI (HLAI)?

AI that becomes as smart or smarter than humans

What is a potential impact of self-driving cars on existing businesses?

Existing car companies will have to re-invent themselves

What is one ethical concern related to generative AI?

Bias in the generated data due to biased language in the dataset

What is the main goal of sustainable Business Management in relation to Artificial Intelligence?

To use AI to enhance human intelligence and make better decisions

What does 'Digitalisation' lead to?

Efficiency and better use of resources.

Explore the concept of the post-digital age, which focuses on rethinking processes instead of simply adding technology to existing systems. Delve into the impact of digitalization on sustainable business management and the shift towards seamlessly integrating technology into everyday operations.

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