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What has been higher on the agenda since the 21st century?

Ecological concerns

What effects are starting to become visible according to the text?

Climate change

What has governments and businesses shown a willingness to act on?

Climate change

In which economies will ecological degradation first rise?

Underdeveloped economies

What protects us against high levels of UV radiation?

Stratospheric ozone depletion

What are certain gases and chemical substances breaking down according to the text?

Ozone layer

What is the impact of human activity on natural ecosystems?

Loss of biosphere integrity

What is the cause of ocean acidification?

Increase in acidity of water due to CO2 emissions

What is the consequence of climate change according to the text?

Irreversible impact on the atmosphere

What are atmospheric aerosols according to the text?

Microscopic particles affecting cloud formation

What is the effect of nitrogen and phosphorus flows on the biosphere and oceans?

Biodiversity loss and pollution

What is the significance of the IPAT equation?

Measuring environmental impact using population, affluence, and throughput

What is the impact of a decrease in freshwater levels due to melting ice caps?

Scarce water supply and increased 'water stress'

What are novel entities according to the text?

Human-made substances with disruptive effects on earth's systems

What is the effect of land system change caused by humanity?

Structural changes leading to reduced biodiversity and changes in natural water flow

What does the sceptic viewpoint 'We are heading for another ice age anyway' suggest?

Global warming due to CO2 increase will eventually halt

What is the primary purpose of cap and trade?

To set a total CO2e emissions limit for the ETS participants

Which category of emissions is associated with the combustion of fossil fuels on-site?

Scope 1

What is the main challenge related to reducing Scope 3 emissions?

Responsibility for emissions outside the company's direct control

What is the primary goal of the Paris Agreement?

To achieve a global warming goal of well below 2°C

What is the main requirement for each country under the Paris Agreement?

To adopt economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets immediately

Based on the text, what are the three ways of reducing CO2 emissions?

Avoid, Replace, Reduce

What is the main concern addressed in the sustainable business management case regarding electric cars?

The ecological impact of electric cars

In Norway, what is the difference between the Belgian situation and the Norwegian situation related to electric vehicles?

Belgium has a ban on sales of combustion engines while Norway does not.

What are the two types of actions mentioned in the Paris Agreement?

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and find options to sequester them

What is one of the functions of the Paris Agreement?

It contains guidance on pre-2020 climate action

What does affluence stand for in the context of sustainable business management?

Affluence refers to the consumption per capita and can be measured through the GDP

What is the primary cause of the increase in CO2 emissions as mentioned in the text?

The use of fossil fuels as the main source of energy

What does eco-efficiency aim to promote in sustainable development?

Creating more goods and services while using fewer resources and creating less waste and pollution

What is the purpose of emission rights in sustainable business management?

To regulate the amount of CO2 emissions by companies

What is the main focus of the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) as mentioned in the text?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through a cap-and-trade system

What is eco-effectiveness concerned with achieving?

Eliminating all waste and use of fossil fuels

What does the Stern review (2006) emphasize as a real threat to humankind?

Overestimation of positive effects of climate warming

What is the primary goal of the Kyoto-protocol mentioned in the text?

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% from the 1990 levels

What do taxes aim to achieve in sustainable business management?

Minimize negative externalities by accounting for them in the price, leading to lower consumption and production

What are planetary boundaries mainly focused on replenishing?

Earth's resources

Test your knowledge of sustainable business management and its environmental impact, including factors such as population growth and life expectancy. Explore the relationship between technology, production, and the strain on the earth's resources.

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