MLGN 201 Fall 2019-2020: X Inactivation

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What is the length of the human X chromosome in mega bases (MB)?

155 MB

How many protein coding genes are there on the X chromosome?


What does the rest of the X chromosome consist of, apart from the genes?

Interspersed DNA sequences

What is the gene density of the X chromosome compared to other chromosomes of similar size?

Somewhat less gene-dense

In what context do the interspersed DNA sequences occur?

Repeats all over our genome

What is the intended learning outcome of the lecture on X inactivation mechanisms and impacts?

Describe the concept of gene regulation in eukaryotes

What is the ultimate goal of X inactivation?

To equalize the expression of genes between members of different biological sexes

What is the Barr body?

The inactivated X chromosome in female mammals

Which statement about X inactivation is not true?

In extra embryonic membranes, only the paternal X is activated

At what stage does the onset of X inactivation vary with respect to?

Blastocyst and embryonic stage

.What is the function of Xist RNA during X inactivation?

Spreads to coat the inactive X chromosome and does not interact directly with DNA

.What is the function of Xce in relation to the X chromosome?

Controls the activity of Xist RNA

.What is the purpose of Xic (X chromosome-inactivation center)?

To initiate X inactivation on one of the X chromosomes

Learn about X inactivation and its significance in the field of biological technology. This quiz covers the principles and applications of X inactivation in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and environmental sectors.

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