Wastewater Treatment

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Which process is the most important in any wastewater treatment system?

Biological or Secondary Treatment

What can developing an in-house technology for biological treatment do?

Reduce dependence on external technology providers

What is the significance of newer national and global regulations regarding nutrient removal from wastewater?

Existing conventional technologies can't remove nutrients

Which factor is a significant contributor to costs in wastewater treatment?

The consumption of power

What is an essential requirement for a wastewater treatment technology?

Being able to accommodate in a compact footprint

Why is a technology that can reduce power consumption necessary in wastewater treatment?

To reduce costs

Which phase of the research approach involves establishing a pilot scale reactor?

Pilot Scale Reactor Establishment

What is the purpose of the Proof of Concept phase in the research approach?

To conduct lab scale studies

Which phase of the research approach involves patenting and field implementation?

Patenting & Field Implementation

Which type of reactor was used in the piloting phase of the research?

A 6000 Litres per day reactor

What advantages did the pilot reactor exhibit compared to conventional sewage treatment technologies?

Lower power consumption and smaller footprint

What were the sizes of the lab scale reactors used in the conceptual evidence phase?

10 to 15 L Volume

Which type of process is involved in Biological Sewage Treatment?

Both aerobic and anaerobic process

What is the difference between the suspended growth process and the attached growth process in Biological Sewage Treatment?

In the suspended growth process, microbes are suspended all over the reactor, whereas in the attached growth process, microbes are attached to a medium for growth.

What advantage does the technology in the text provide in terms of the two types of processes used in Biological Sewage Treatment?

It provides zonal separation inside the reactor for better treatment efficiency.

Test your knowledge on wastewater treatment processes and regulations with this quiz. Learn about the importance of biological treatment and how developing in-house technology can reduce dependence on external providers. Explore the latest national and global regulations regarding nutrient removal from wastewater.

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