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Which haplogroup has the most genetic diversity?

Haplogroup L

When did some individuals with haplogroup L3 migrate out of Africa?

About 75,000 years ago

Which haplogroup populated mostly South Asia?

Haplogroup M

Which haplogroup populated mostly Eurasia?

Haplogroup N

What is the result of reduced electron transfer efficiency in haplogroups M and N?

Less efficient/more heat generation of mitochondria

When did haplogroups M and N divergents populate the Americas?

About 15,000 years ago

What is the primary method by which variants in mitochondrial DNA develop?

DNA replication/repair errors and subsequent selection

How does the mutation rate in mitochondrial DNA compare between coding and non-coding regions?

Slower in coding regions than non-coding (hypervariable regions)

What is the primary reason why mitochondrial DNA does not have reductive division (meiosis/recombination)?

It is haploid and does not undergo reductive division

What were early methods of mitochondrial molecular phylogeny based on?

Restriction length polymorphism/gel electrophoresis to name the haplotypes

When did Eve's mitochondria appear, giving rise to the L0 haplogroup in Africa?

About 200,000 years ago

What is the primary reason why mitochondrial DNA has a circular structure?

Evolved from phagocytosis of alpha proteobacteria

Test your knowledge of mitochondrial inheritance with this quiz. Explore topics such as the endosymbiotic theory, the biology of mitochondria, circular DNA, reproduction by fission, and the incorporation of proteobacterial genes into the host genome. Delve into the significance of Eve's mitochondria in the peopling of the world through mitochondrial haplotypes.

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