Introduction to Media Research: Communication Process and Models

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Which chapter discusses the elements of the communication process?

Chapter 1: Bouwstenen – Deel 2

Which communicatiemodel is discussed in Chapter 1?

Communicatiemodel van Schramm

Which chapter introduces the concept of mass society?

Chapter 3: Coming of age – Deel 1

Which theoretical school is discussed in Chapter 4?


Which paradigmatic struggle is discussed in Chapter 3?

Propagandatheorie vs. Kritische propagandastudies

Which alternative paradigm is discussed in Chapter 5?

Cultural studies

Which concept is introduced in Chapter 6 regarding media and ICT?


Which topic is central to Chapter 9 from a sociological perspective?

Macht (Power)

"Four theories of the press" are discussed in which chapter?

"Normatieve perspectieven & beleid"

Which chapter introduces the concept of 'mediumtechnologische benaderingen'?

Hoofdstuk 6: Nieuwe tijden, nieuwe theorieën

In which chapter is the 'sociologisch perspectief - Deel 2' discussed?

Hoofdstuk 9: Sociologisch perspectief – Deel 1

Which chapter introduces the 'economische basisprincipes'?

Hoofdstuk 10: Media-economie

This quiz covers the fundamental concepts of media research, including semiotics, communication process, and communication models. Topics include signs and meanings, semiotics, communication elements, encoding/decoding, transmission channels, and communication models.

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