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What is the source of law formed by social usage?

Social contracts

In Islamic countries, what is considered a direct source of law?

Religious regulations

In Egypt, what is considered the direct source of family law?

Islamic religion

What is included in the regulation of purely religious and social relations in Islamic countries?

Marriage, inheritance, contracts, and punishment of crimes

What is the primary characteristic of Islamic religion as a source of law?

Regulation of purely religious and social relations

Study Notes

Definition of Law

  • Law is a set of rules that regulate social conduct and govern relationships between people and the government.
  • Law is enforced by a sanction or penalty.

Sources of Internal Law

  • Sources of internal law in Egyptian civil law include:


  • Written legal rules that consist of three levels:
    • First level: Constitution
    • Second level: Supreme law
    • Third level: Regulations (الكوائح)


  • Non-written legal rules (القادي)

Test your knowledge of legal terms with this introductory course. Learn the definition of law and explore how it regulates social conduct and governs relationships between individuals and the government. Brush up on essential legal terminology in Arabic.

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