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Immunoglobulin Proteins and Antigen Binding Sites Quiz

Test your knowledge on immunoglobulin proteins, antigen binding sites, T cell receptors (TCRs), and B cell receptors (BCRs) with this quiz. Learn about the two possible proteins for the light chain in an immunoglobulin, the number of antigen binding sites on IgM, and the characteristics of TCRs and BCRs.

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Questions and Answers

How many possible proteins can be found for the light chain in an immunoglobulin?

Kappa (κ) and lambda (λ)

What is a characteristic of T Cell Receptors (TCRs) according to the text?

Mediated by CD3 and zeta (ζ) proteins

What type of antigens do B Cell Receptors (BCRs) mainly recognize?

Proteins and other macromolecules; do not require MHC presentation

What is the key role of Igα and Igβ proteins according to the text?

<p>Signal transduction for B Cell Receptors</p> Signup and view all the answers

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