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Which type of engineering service involves the preparation of detailed drawings and specifications?


What is the purpose of quality assurance and quality control in engineering services?

To ensure compliance with standards and specifications

Which of the following is NOT a typical engineering service provided during the construction phase?

Conceptual design development

What is the primary goal of civil engineering?

To improve the quality of life through infrastructure development

What is the importance of codes and standards on civil engineering practice?

They guarantee the safety and quality of engineering works

What is the role of a civil engineer in project management?

To manage budgets, schedules, and resources

According to the Code of Ethics, what is the responsibility of a civil engineer in terms of sustainable development?

Promote and practice sustainable development to protect

Which fundamental principle emphasizes the Importance of honesty and straightforwardness in professional conduct?


What does the Code of Ethics suggest regarding whistleblowing when an engineer observes unethical behavior by colleagues or superiors? maintain a positive work environment

Report the behavior through proper channels within the organization

Which fundamental canon of the Code of Ethics emphasizes the Importance of avoiding conflicts of interest?

canon 4

Study Notes

Engineering Services

  • Preparation of detailed drawings and specifications is a type of engineering service.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Quality assurance and quality control in engineering services ensure that a project meets required standards, is complete, and functions as intended.

Engineering Services During Construction

  • Inspecting and testing construction materials is NOT typically provided during the construction phase.

Primary Goal of Civil Engineering

  • The primary goal of civil engineering is to design, build, and maintain the physical infrastructure of society, thereby improving the quality of life.

Codes and Standards

  • Codes and standards are essential in civil engineering practice as they provide guidelines for ensuring safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility.

Role of Civil Engineer in Project Management

  • A civil engineer plays a crucial role in project management, overseeing projects from planning to completion, ensuring timely and within-budget delivery.

Sustainable Development

  • According to the Code of Ethics, a civil engineer is responsible for considering the social, economic, and environmental impacts of projects to promote sustainable development.

Fundamental Principles of Professional Conduct

  • The fundamental principle of honesty and straightforwardness emphasizes the importance of truthful and transparent conduct in professional practice.


  • The Code of Ethics suggests that engineers should report unethical behavior by colleagues or superiors to maintain a positive work environment.

Conflicts of Interest

  • The fundamental canon emphasizes the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest to maintain professional integrity.

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