Civil Engineering Services as an Employee

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What is expected from a Civil Engineer who is employed to perform work for an employer?

Comply with the code of ethics and standards of the organization

In what scenario can a licensed Civil Engineer allow their license to be used by the company that employs them?

With the proper agreement for professional services

How should a Civil Engineer handle charging professional fees for signing and sealing documents using their license?

Charge the professional fee for the services

What is the status of a part-time employed Civil Engineer in a firm according to the text?

Considered as an employee and consultant simultaneously

What must a Civil Engineer employed as an individual consultant of any firm comply with?

Requirements and standards established for consulting firms or engineers

In what situation is a licensed Civil Engineer allowed to let the company they work for use their license?

With a proper agreement for their professional services

What happens if a firm uses a Civil Engineer's license to sign and seal documents without a proper agreement?

Violation of professional ethics

Test your knowledge on the duties and responsibilities of a Civil Engineer when working as an employee in a commercial or institutional organization. Understand the importance of following the code of ethics and complying with standards and guidelines.

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