Continuous vs Intermittent Production Processes

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What is the primary role of a production line supervisor?

Responsible for multiple assembly lines within a certain production line

In the manufacturing organizational chart, where does the production worker typically fall?

At the bottom, as one of the most important pieces

What sets apart the responsibilities of a production manager from a production line supervisor?

Overseeing only the production or assembly line

Why is it important for a production manager to relay manufacturing strategy to production line supervisors?

To ensure strategy alignment and implementation

Who typically reports successes or failures of the manufacturing strategy to the executive manager?

Production managers

What crucial function does a wise production manager perform regarding feedback on the production strategy?

Seek input and feedback from production employees

Which role in a manufacturing organization is responsible for overseeing specific assembly lines?

Production line supervisor

What distinguishes the responsibilities of an executive manager from those of a production manager?

Overseeing the entire manufacturing facility

'A wise production manager will seek input and feedback' - What does this suggest about effective management?

'Feedback is essential for effective management'

What is an essential characteristic expected from a production worker in a manufacturing organization?

Being one of the most important pieces in the organization

Learn about the differences between continuous and intermittent production processes in manufacturing and which type of process is suitable for different types of products.

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