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What was the primary goal of the Cuban Revolution?

What was the formative objective of socialist education in Cuba?

How did the Cuban Revolution combine theory and practice?

What was the result of the Cuban Revolution?

What was the primary focus of the Cuban Revolution?


  • The Cuban Revolution was a successful liberation struggle that took place in a country where all reformist and nationalist projects had systematically failed.

  • The Revolution began with a broad literacy campaign that involved the whole of society and recounted the displacement of young people and conductors from other Latin American countries to literacy where there were illiterate.

  • The Revolution combined study and work, linking theory with practice, school with life and teaching with production.

  • The Revolution aimed to create a new human formation for the build of socialism.

  • The formative objective of socialist education is to develop the awareness of the producer of social goods and create conditions to eliminate the prejudice of the division between manual and intellectual labor.

  • Intellectualism is discouraged from teaching in order to foster interest in the research of the world around students.

  • The principle of the participation of the whole society in the tasks of education is recognized as a characteristic of Cuban education.


Test your knowledge about the Cuban Revolution's impact on education and society. Learn about the literacy campaign, integration of study and work, and the formative objectives of socialist education.

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