Philosophy of Beauty Quiz



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According to Kant, what is beauty?

What is the act of finding something beautiful called?

What is the logic behind understanding beauty?


  • Kant believes that beauty is subjective, and that there is beauty in all things.
  • Aesthetic judgement is the act of finding something beautiful.
  • The taste in beauty is subjective, and depends on our senses.
  • Beauty is something that you don't have to like, and you don't have to be a fan of something to find it beautiful.
  • By experiencing beauty and beautiful things, we create the idea of beauty.
  • We may be different, but we have the same logic of understanding when it comes to beauty.
  • We seek agreement as beauty being a rule, and that is why we judge things as being beautiful.


Test your knowledge of the philosophical concepts of beauty and aesthetic judgement with this quiz. Explore ideas such as subjective beauty, the role of senses, and the creation of the idea of beauty.

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