McDonald's Reopening in Ukraine

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Що робить McDonald's, щоб підтримати своїх працівників і допомогти їм відчувати повернення до звичного життя?


  • McDonald's has been paying the salaries of 10,000 employees in Ukraine since the company paused operations there six months ago.
  • The company plans to reopen some restaurants in Kyiv and western Ukraine, in an effort to support its people and help them feel as though their normal life is returning.
  • The decision to begin resuming operations is not an easy one, but it is the right one based on the company's five questions about legal, safety, customer service, and the local economy.
  • McDonald's has decided to offer employees a share of the company's profits, in an effort to keep them happy and motivated.
  • The move is likely to be a success, as it aligns with the company's values and makes good business sense.
  • However, it's important to remember that emotion should never be the only factor when making decisions.


Learn about McDonald's decision to reopen some restaurants in Ukraine after temporarily pausing operations and continuing to pay the salaries of its employees. Explore the considerations behind this decision and the company's strategy to support its people and the local economy.

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