YKT 111 Introduction to Communication and Media Lecture 1 Quiz

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What is the definition of communication according to West & Turner?

The act of using symbols to establish and interpret meaning in the environment

Which level of communication involves interpreting and assigning meaning to the received message?

Intrapersonal communication

What is the main reason given for the biggest communication problem?

Failure to listen and understand

What is the first step in the listening process?


According to the lecture, what is a unifying theme of communication?

Symbolic interactionism

What is the key takeaway from the lecture regarding good communication?

Listen to understand rather than to reply

What is the primary function of symbols in communication?

To transmit information, ideas, and emotions

Which level of communication involves an individual or institution using technology to send messages to a large, mixed audience?

Mass Communication

What does the environment in communication refer to?

The context in which communication occurs, including time, place, and cultural backgrounds

What is the significance of non-verbal interaction in communication?

To fully interpret the meaning of verbal communication

Which type of communication involves one person communicating with an audience of two or more people?

Group Communication

According to Berelson, Bernard, & Steiner (1964), what is the definition of communication?

The transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc., by the use of symbols – words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc.

What characterizes interpersonal communication?

The intentional or accidental transmission of information through verbal and nonverbal message systems to another human being

What is the primary focus of intrapersonal communication?

Communication within the self

What distinguishes group communication from interpersonal communication?

It often has a leader and is more public than interpersonal communication

What does mass communication primarily entail?

Communication with a large audience using technology

Test your knowledge about the introductory concepts of communication and media with this quiz based on Lecture 1 of YKT 111. Explore topics such as defining communication, levels of communication, unifying themes, and career opportunities in the field.

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