Volume Three Unit 1 Part 1

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What concept is the Air Force mission configured to meet?

What by definition, can conduct military operations on short notice in response to crises with forces tailored to achieve limited and clearly stated objectives?

What is the principle forum for discussion on national security policy issues?

What is a continuous process that helps the commanders see what they have, where they need it to be, and then enables them to decide the most effective way to get there?

of What is the Air Reserve Component; authorization change request (ARC) composed?

What term describes the scheme or proposed method for accomplishing a mission or reaching an objective?

What term describes the relocation of forces to a desired area of operation?

What term describes a predetermined area in the Military treatment facility (MTF)?

What term describes supposing something without positive proof?

What term describes an emergency involving military force?

What term describes a quality or capability of military force which permits movement from place to place while retaining the ability to fulfill the primary mission?

What term describes the consolidation of a facility's peacetime and wartime capabilities and plans?

What term describes the mission for which a measured unit has been equipped , organized, or designed?

What term describes the area where the MTF commander coordinates actions in support of the assigned mission?

What term describes classifying or reclassifying the sick and injured according to urgency of treatment required?

Through what does the Air Force establish a predictable, standardized battle rhythm ensuring rotational forces are properly organized, trained, equipped, and ready to sustain capabilities while rabidly responding to emerging crises?

What Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) term describes support of critical home station operations?

What AEF term describes the primary pool from which the Air Force fulfills requirements?

The----force consists of those forces assigned to organizations responsible to carry Air Force level functions.

The----force includes common user assets, such as global mobility forces, special recovery forces, spaces, and other uniquely categorized forces that provide support to the Department of Defense (DOD)

The AEF library contains blocks of time within how many primary tempo bands that represent 100 percent of the AF-postured capabilities?

What is the AEF life cycle schedule?

For most of the forces, how is the AEF battle rhythm spent?

What band has a four month vulnerability period?

What band has a six month vulnerability period?

What do Airmen do if they are not tasked to deploy?

What does a numbered expeditionary Air Force consist of?

What provides the USAF with the ability to perform operational planning and execution at an increased level of detail that complements joint planning?

What AF discipline does Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DECAPES) provide real time- command, control, planning, and execution information for Air Force functional users?

What does the AEF reporting tool all unist the ability to report?

According to the Department of Defense (DOD), what is a Unit Task Code?

What makes up Unit Task Codes?

Who rates each Unit Task Code (UTC) against the unit's current ability to deploy and employs The Unit Task Codes?

In the Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) reporting tool (ART) report, what does the yellow rating mean?

What does derivative classification mean?

What is Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS)?

What type of information does the unit commander use to assess the unit "mission ready" status?

To whom does the Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) provide an assessment of unit information to achieve adequate and feasible military response to crises?

What is a measured unit?


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