Writing Well-Constructed Short Answer Questions

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What are the key characteristics of a well-constructed short answer question?

Meaningful, concise, and problem-oriented

When should the stem of a short answer question be negatively stated?

When significant learning outcomes require it

What are some formatting tips for writing short answer questions?

Use simple markdown for emphasis, wrap math in dollar signs, and avoid numbering the questions

Study Notes

Characteristics of a Well-Constructed Short Answer Question

  • A well-constructed short answer question should be concise, clear, and focused on a specific learning objective
  • It should require the test-taker to provide a brief response that demonstrates their knowledge, understanding, or application of the learning objective
  • The question should be free of ambiguity, with a clear and specific task that is easily understood by the test-taker

When to Use Negatively Stated Stems

  • A negatively stated stem should be used when the test-taker is being asked to identify an exception or an incorrect statement
  • This type of question stem can be effective in assessing critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze information

Formatting Tips for Writing Short Answer Questions

  • Use a clear and concise stem that gets straight to the point
  • Keep the stem brief and focused on the specific learning objective being assessed
  • Use simple and unambiguous language that is easy for the test-taker to understand
  • Avoid using complex or ambiguous language that may confuse the test-taker

Learn about the key characteristics and formatting tips for writing well-constructed short answer questions. Understand when the stem of a short answer question should be negatively stated and improve your question-writing skills.

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