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What is the main requirement for writing argumentative essays?

Think critically and take a definitive stand

Which term best describes the process of identifying key elements in a question before writing?


What is the purpose of discussing the delights and frustrations of being a teenager?

To raise ideas objectively

What is the focus when exploring the pros and cons of playing video games from a young age?

Identifying potential benefits and drawbacks

Which of the following best represents a disadvantage of school uniforms?

They are expensive to buy and maintain

What is the main reason provided in the text for having school uniforms?

To develop a sense of belonging

What can be a consequence of not having school uniforms?

Bullying and teasing based on clothing

What evidence type is used in the text to support the importance of social mixing in schools?


Why is it important for mainstream schools in SG to help identify visitors?

To reduce security risks.

Which aspect of the discursive essay framework emphasizes the need to outline both supporting and alternative viewpoints?

PEELs supporting alternative viewpoint

What is the purpose of using a hook in the introduction of an essay according to the text?

To engage the reader and encourage continued reading.

Why should time be managed effectively when writing an examination-style essay?

To ensure a clear and well-justified essay is written within the time limit.

What is the purpose of brainstorming on possible reasons for your viewpoint?

To gather evidence to support your position

Why is it important to provide reader orientation in one or two sentences in the essay?

To introduce the main arguments of the essay

What is the main reason for limiting the opening paragraph to 4 or 5 sentences?

To save words for persuading the reader later in the essay

Why is it advised to use a graphic organizer to help in the essay writing process?

To simplify ideas and structure the content effectively

What is the main purpose of coming up with 3 topic statements to support your position?

To strengthen and elaborate on the thesis statement

Why is it important to use support strategies while writing an expository essay?

To enhance clarity and provide evidence for your claims

Which part of an expository essay is crucial in incorporating the language features learned?

Supporting details

What is the primary role of a thesis statement in an expository essay?

To present the topic of discussion

Practice writing an opinion essay by choosing a main point, providing a reason, and supporting it with evidence. The exercise involves discussing whether school uniforms should be abolished or not, following the format of stating a point, reason, and evidence.

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