Writing a Good Research Title

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What is the purpose of a research title?

To briefly state the topic being investigated

Which of the following represents a good example of a research title?

Pomegranate and Diabetes

What should the title of a research study omit?

The verb

Why should the research title be very specific in nature?

To clearly identify the variables to be investigated

What should the title of a research study reflect?

The content of the study

Which of the following is an example of an interestingly stimulating research title?

Effects of Pandan Leaves Extract on Mice

What is the purpose of using appropriate terms in the title of a scientific study?

To ensure clarity and precision in describing the study

What is the recommended length for a good scientific title?

15 words or less

What does the term 'in vitro' refer to in the context of scientific studies?

A test conducted in an artificial environment such as a Petri dish or test tube

Which of the following is an example of a process using microorganisms/animals to clean up environmental contaminants?


What is the main reason for avoiding superfluous words in scientific study titles?

To ensure clarity and conciseness in communicating the study focus

What is the purpose of using scientific names properly in titles?

To provide accurate and precise identification

Which of the following represents a study with a biased title?

'Potential Bioremediator of Mercury Pollution in Laguna Bay'

Which term refers to an agent against protozoans?


'Mycoremediation' is associated with which environmental cleaning process?

Using fungi to clean up environmental contaminants

'Larvicides' are substances that kill:


Learn about the guidelines for writing a good research title, including the importance of specificity and omitting unnecessary verbs. Understand how to clearly identify the variables being investigated.

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