World Geography and Map Completions Quiz

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As elevation increases, temperature _____.

When considering latitude, the closer one gets to the North or South (poles), the temperature ______.

The borders of each of the states are examples of ____ borders, while the surrounding bodies of water are examples of ____ borders.

A population pyramid represents the structure of the population by gender and age at a given point in time within a country. According to the data on the population pyramids, _____ will experience a fast growth rate.

Using the map above, make a generalization about the population distribution in South America.

What is the term for a location with high population density?

In which continent does the population density reach 300 people per square mile or more?

What is the term for a location with low population density?

If you lived in Australia or New Zealand, you would most likely live in a __ due to population density.

Which location on the map has the largest population in Indonesia?

What is the term for a heavily populated island?

In South America, which location on the map is the most densely populated?

What is a positive effect of the global positioning system (GPS)?


Test your knowledge of world geography and map reading with this completion quiz. Complete the statements based on the given world map, latitude, and longitude lines. Choose the correct answers from the drop-down menus to demonstrate your understanding of elevation, temperature, latitude, and longitude.

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