Working with Slide Master in Impress

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What is the purpose of a Slide Master in Impress?

To control the formatting of slides like theme, layout, background, and color

How many slide masters does every slide in a presentation have?


What is the first step to create a new slide master in Impress?

Click on Load under Categories

What can you control using the Slide Master in Impress?

Positioning and color of elements on slides

Where can you find the option to preview a template in Impress?

Under Presentation Backgrounds

What is the purpose of selecting the desired theme in a presentation?

To apply predesigned formats such as text and color schemes

How can you apply a slide design to all slides in a presentation?

By selecting the theme and checking the Exchange background page checkbox

What concept in OpenOffice refers to a slide used to create other slides?

Master Slide

What do themes include that can be applied to presentations?

Text and color schemes

How do slide transitions contribute to a presentation?

By livening up slides with attractive effects

Learn about the Slide Master feature in Impress, part of Unit V: Digital Presentation. Understand how to control information and formatting of slides, including theme, layout, background, color, and positioning. Explore creating and modifying slide masters to customize presentations.

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