Women's Reform Movements in India

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What were Hindu nationalists concerned about regarding women's adoption of Western ways?

It would corrupt Hindu culture and erode family values.

How did women in the late nineteenth century contribute to social reform?

By writing books, editing magazines, and founding schools.

What was one of the concerns of Orthodox Muslims regarding societal changes in the late nineteenth century?

The impact of changes on traditional values.

How did women in the early twentieth century push for their rights?

By forming political pressure groups for laws on female suffrage and better healthcare.

What critical view on society did Tarabai Shinde express in her book?

'Women are meant to be made from something different from men altogether.'

What promise did nationalist leaders make regarding suffrage for men and women after Independence?

There would be full suffrage for all men and women after Independence.

Why did European officials criticize Indian customs and rituals in the early nineteenth century?

They perceived Indian customs as barbaric

What was one argument made by the advocate of sati in the dialogue presented in the text?

Women are naturally inferior and unworthy of trust

How did the opponent of sati challenge the advocate's argument in the dialogue?

By questioning when women were given a fair opportunity to showcase their abilities

What method did Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar use to suggest a change in the treatment of widows?

Referring to ancient texts

In the context of the text, what was one significant contribution of Muslim women in education during that time period?

Supporting the establishment of schools for girls

Based on the text, what change did reformers like Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar promote regarding women's education?

Encouraging widow remarriage and women's education

Who played a notable role in promoting education among women by founding a primary school for girls at Aligarh?

Begums of Bhopal

Who published a book criticizing the social differences between men and women titled 'Stripurushtulna'?

Tarabai Shinde

Which scholar founded a widows' home in Poona to provide shelter to widows mistreated by their husbands' relatives?

Pandita Ramabai

Which reformer felt that Hinduism was oppressive towards women and wrote about the miserable lives of upper-caste Hindu women?

Pandita Ramabai

In the late 1800s, which group of Indian women began to enter universities and pursue professions like doctors and teachers?

Upper-caste Hindu women

Which woman was a fearless critic of conservative ideas and argued that religious leaders accorded an inferior place to women?

Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain

Explore the role of Indian women in the reform movements during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Learn about their contributions to education, literature, and activism for social change.

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