5_ Are Women the Enemies of Books?

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What was the title of the book in which William Blades enumerated the dangers that might befall rare books?

Who was the first book collector to record the opinion that women were a danger to the survival of their collections?

What was the number of enemies enumerated by William Blades in his revised and enlarged edition of 1888?

In what year did Anne Lyon Haight ask the question 'Are Women the Natural Enemies of Books'?

What did Richard de Bury describe women as in his treatise on the love of books?

What dangers did William Blades enumerate as potential threats to rare books?

What was the prevailing opinion of women as book collectors in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?

Why were earlier women bibliophiles usually from the noble classes?

How were French women collectors during the 16th through 18th centuries often perceived?

What was Dr. Rosenbach's view of women collectors in the chapter 'Mighty Women Book Hunters' in A Book Hunter’s Holiday (1936)?

What did Mary Hyde Eccles assert about women and book collecting in 1990?


Test your knowledge about the history of women book collectors and their portrayal in literature. Explore the writings of Anne Lyon Haight and William Blades to understand the perspectives on women's relationship with books.

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