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A company is implementing a wireless network and using wireless devices as part of the corporate environment. Which server-based authentication method should the company consider in the wireless network design?

The syntax of Java is based on which programming language?

In powerpoint capitalization of text can be changed to one of the following

In html5, which attribute is not essential under iFrame?

The _______ specification defines an application programming interface for communication between the server and the application program.

In Microsoft word, the command Ctrl + N is used to

What is REACT mainly used for?

Which type of Programming does Python support?

Which of the following is correct about messaging in RESTful web services?

Jquery is a ________

JSF is a ______ based web application framework

Which one of the following options is used to specify the percentage of space to be used for each index page in SQL?

In servlet, “request” is an instance of which one of the following classes?

Which statement is true about Java?

Which of the following is not a sequence data-type in python?

Which of the following is not an OOPS concept in Java?

In SQL, what are transaction properties?

In an MS excel worksheet, ____________ are referred to by numbers.

In PowerPoint, the view tab contains the following group except one.

Which of the following annotations is NOT used to specify that a class is a Spring bean?


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