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What is the title of the poem that William Wordsworth is famously associated with?

The Daffodils

When was the poem 'Daffodils' composed by William Wordsworth?


Who did William Wordsworth collaborate with to launch the Romantic Age in English literature?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Which comparison best describes how the daffodils appeared to the poet in the poem?

Innumerable stars in the Milky Way

How did the poet describe the movement of the daffodils?

Rapid but delicate, dancing with the rhythm of the breeze

What did the poet compare the waves in the lake to in the poem?

'Dancing,' albeit less joyously than the daffodils

Study Notes

William Wordsworth and the Romantic Era

  • William Wordsworth (1770-1850) was a renowned English romantic poet and a pioneer of the Romantic era (1798-1832) of poetry.
  • He launched the Romantic Age in English literature with Samuel Taylor Coleridge through their joint publication, "Ballads" (1798).

The Poem "Daffodils"

  • The poem "Daffodils" was composed in 1804 and published in 1807.
  • The poem is inspired by Wordsworth's chance encounter with a cluster of golden yellow daffodils beside a lake, under some trees.
  • The daffodils were moving rapidly but delicately with the rhythm of the breeze, giving the impression of dancing.
  • The poet describes the vastness of the daffodils as resembling the innumerable stars in the Milky Way.
  • The daffodils were lined up endlessly along the border of the lake, tossing their heads as if they were dancing merrily and enthusiastically.

The Poet's Experience

  • Wordsworth felt happy in the joyous company of the daffodils.
  • The poet kept gazing at the flowers for a long time, not realizing what great gift he had received with this spectacular vision.
  • The experience had a lasting impact on the poet, as he reflects on it in the future.

Test your knowledge about the renowned English romantic poet William Wordsworth and his famous poem 'Daffodils'. Learn more about the Romantic era of poetry and Wordsworth's contributions to English literature.

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