Why Does Clay Shrink When Fired?

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What is the process called when glass forms within the clay body during heating in the kiln?

What happens to the clay particles as the liquid glass forms and moves within the clay body?

What is the result of firing clay at a lower temperature in terms of vitrification and porosity?

What happens if a piece of clay reaches the point of maximum shrinkage and the kiln temperature continues to increase?

What happens to the hardness and strength of clay when it starts to bloat after reaching the point of maximum shrinkage?

Why does clay shrink when fired?

What are the two main reasons for the shrinkage of clay when fired?

What is the process of clay losing volume when it is fired called?

How much water does clay contain on average and what percentage of weight can it lose after firing?

What are the two types of water present in clay and what happens to them during firing?


Learn about the reasons why clay shrinks when fired, including the loss of water and chemical and physical changes that leave it denser. If you are new to pottery and curious about the science behind firing clay, this quiz will provide you with the insights you need.

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