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What is the minimum bed depth for Whiteline Thinwall?

3" - 12"

For Fieldstone Small Round stones, what is the diameter range?

3" - 6"

What is the minimum face dimension required for Whiteline Square and Rectangle stones?

6" x 6"

What is the rise range for Whiteline Ashlar stones?

3" - 8"

How does Wall Mix differ from other Fieldstone products?

It has a random shape

For Whiteline Wall Stone, what is the minimum rise required?


Which product guide offers stones that may deviate to appear ovular?

"Fieldstone Product Guide II"

What is the minimum rise for Flagging stones in the Whiteline Product Guide?


Which stone type has a horizontal face and a minimum diameter of 7" in the Fieldstone Product Guide II?

Medium Round

What is the minimum bed depth for Wall Stone in the Whiteline Product Guide?


Which type of stone must be trimmed for an even plane when necessary according to the Whiteline Product Guide II?


What is the uniform rise range for Steps according to the Fieldstone Product Guide II?

5" - 10"

In which product guide can you find stones with a 6" x 6" mosaic and irregular face?

Fieldstone Veneer

Test your knowledge on the specifications and features of Whiteline stone products including Veneer, Wall Stone, Thinwall, Flagging, Ashlar, and Square and Rectangle stones. Evaluate your understanding of dimensions, depths, rises, and face requirements.

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