Which Sport Has the Highest Carbon Footprint?

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Which sport has the highest carbon footprint per participant?

Which sport's carbon footprint is affected by the development and manufacture of equipment, as well as the travel of drivers and fans to events around the world?

Which sport's carbon footprint is largely affected by the travel of spectators to events?

Which sport has the largest followings and therefore likely has the highest carbon footprint due to fans traveling to support their teams?

Which sport's carbon footprint should include the fuel consumed in the carrier aircraft and the carbon costs of making complex apparatus?

Which sport has made efforts to cut emissions, including encouraging fans to travel via public transport?

Low-carbon ways for spectators to watch soccer have been developed and implemented

The Olympics adopted concern for the environment as one of its pillars in 1994

The Carbon Trust did a sport-by-sport comparison of carbon footprints of different sports


Test your knowledge and discover which sport has the highest carbon footprint in this quiz. From football to Formula 1, we'll explore the environmental impact of various sports and determine which one has a particularly dirty reputation. See if you can guess the right answer and learn more about the importance of reducing emissions in sports.

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