Week 6 Twitter Social Media Midterm

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What is the maximum number of characters a Twitter post can contain?


When did Twitter start according to the text?


How many users did Twitter have by 2012?

185 million

What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a Twitter account's DISPLAY NAME?

50 characters

What should a Twitter account's BIO do according to the text?

Use language true to the brand voice

What feature allows users to pin important tweets to the top of their profile page?

Pinned Posts

What type of images should be showcased in a Twitter account's GALLERY?

Recently posted images

'ACCOUNT NAME' in a Twitter profile should resemble what according to the text?

Name of the brand

'PROFILE & HEADER photos' in a Twitter account should be creative and brand appropriate to do what?

Hint at the types of content the audience can expect

What did Elon Musk announce in 2022 regarding Twitter?

$44 billion takeover

What is the impact of tweets with images compared to those without, according to the text?

Receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets

What are some benefits of using GIFs in tweets?

They automatically play in the newsfeed and capture attention

How many hashtags should be used per tweet according to the text?

Between one and two

What is the purpose of using @mentions in tweets?

To highlight a piece of content

What is the suggested percentage of posts that should be replies according to the text?


When is the best time to post a tweet according to the text?

9AM - 10AM

'Live' feature on Twitter has been utilized by which companies according to the text?

AirBNB and Toyota

How many monthly users does Twitter attract as of today?

368 million

What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a Twitter account's DISPLAY NAME?


What was the original purpose behind Jack Dorsey creating Twitter in 2006?

To build an SMS-based communications platform like texting

What is the primary function of pinning posts on a Twitter account?

To keep important tweets at the top of the profile page

What should be the primary focus when setting up a Twitter account's GALLERY according to the text?

Showcase brand personality and visually appealing images

What is the impact of using emojis on a Twitter post according to the text?

26% higher engagement rate compared to posts without emojis

What types of hashtags are suggested for use in tweets according to the text?

One or two hashtags per tweet, including branded hashtags, keywords relevant to interests, and popular/trending hashtags

In what way do GIFs stand out on Twitter according to the text?

They stand out easily and can evoke emotions and reactions

What is the key recommendation for conversational posts on Twitter?

Include 30-40% of posts as replies to other people

What effect does hosting a 'Chat' have on Twitter according to the text?

Links posts together in a thread or conversation

Test your knowledge on the introduction of Twitter, a social microblogging platform where users share short messages called posts of 4,000 characters or fewer. Learn about Twitter's history, growth in users over the years, and notable events such as Elon Musk's takeover announcement.

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