Week 54 Samuel—Caring for What God Wanted Quiz

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What did Samuel do when he was not pleased with the request for a king?

He prayed to God about it

How can we be like Samuel according to the text?

By learning to care for what God cares for

Why did God tell Samuel to allow them to have a king?

Because He had a plan to use the king for His purpose

Why is it important for children to start reading simple verses in the Bible?

To learn and care for what God cares for

What did the storyteller emphasize about caring for what God wants?

It might make you unpopular with friends

What was one of the main characteristics of Samuel as highlighted in the text?

He was raised to care for what God wanted.

Why did the children of Israel want a king according to the text?

To have someone to judge them and lead them in battles.

What did Samuel believe about having a king instead of God as the highest authority?

No king could ever replace God as the highest authority.

Why did Samuel refuse to accept the people's desire for a king?

He knew that no king could replace God.

What lesson can be learned from Samuel's stand against having a king?

Human authorities should never surpass God's authority.

Test your knowledge on the story of Samuel from 1 Samuel 8, emphasizing caring for what God wants. Explore key points such as caring for God's cares and aligning our desires with God's. Challenge yourself with memory verses and questions on Samuel's upbringing and relationship with God.

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