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What does resolution measure?

Number of pixels vertical X horizontal

What is the advantage of a high-quality resolution?

Clear and sharp images

What does the contrast ratio represent?

Ratio of the darkest vs brightest colours

What is the purpose of a 3D printer?

To create 3D solid objects by adding layers of material

What does a scanner convert hard copies into?

Soft copies as images

What is the main difference between inkjet and laser printers?

Cost per page

Which web browser is known for having a minimalist interface?


Which browser is mentioned as being the best for Mac users?


Which browser has the feature 'Incognito mode' for private browsing?

Google Chrome

What is a disadvantage of using Google Chrome with multiple tabs open?

Slower browser due to increased memory usage

Which browser is mentioned to have compatibility bugs and limited capabilities?

Microsoft Edge

What is a limitation of using Mozilla Firefox according to the text?

Lacks performance on weaker hardware

What is a disadvantage of OCR software mentioned in the text?

It is not useful for converting handwritten documents.

How do web applications differ from desktop applications?

Web applications require installation on the hard drive.

What is a key advantage of web applications over desktop applications mentioned in the text?

They reduce software piracy.

What type of document can't be immediately edited using a word processor after scanning?

Handwritten document

Which type of applications must be accessed through a web browser?

Web applications

What is a characteristic of web applications mentioned in the text?

*Users access different versions of the same web app.

What type of storage device is a hard disk drive (HDD)?

Non-volatile storage device

How do external hard drives connect to computers?

USB or FireWire connection

What distinguishes flash drives from traditional hard drives?

Flash drives have no moving parts

Which storage format offers more storage capacity than traditional DVDs?

Blu-ray Disc (BD)

What are memory cards commonly used for?

Storing digital information in cameras and phones

Which device is often used for backing up computers or saving large files?

External hard drive

What is computer security aimed at protecting?

User data from unauthorized access

How can access to a computer system or user data be controlled?

What you know, what you possess, who you are, or a combination of these

Which of the following is a security feature provided by the operating system?

Authorization requests for username and password

What is the purpose of an audit trail in computer security?

To keep track of system events and changes made

How can a hardware device communicate better with the operating system?

Reinstall drivers

Which security feature typically warns users about expired antivirus software?

Security alerts from the security center

Learn about web browsers, how they work, their advantages, and explore popular options like Mozilla Firefox and Opera. Discover the push-pull technology behind web browsing and the benefits they offer to users.

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