WUS 081 - Spring 2022 Module 2 Assessment Quiz

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Conductivity is a very useful test for assessing sea water intrusion into sewer lines.


Total solids are made up of dissolved and suspended solids, both of which contain organic and inorganic matter.


A pH value less than 7 indicates an alkaline or basic condition.


BOD5 and TSS are both used to measure the strength of wastewater.


Which of the following statement(s) is/are true with regards to BOD?

1), 4) and 5)

What is the purpose of using conductivity as a test for assessing sea water intrusion into sewer lines?

To detect the presence of sea water based on its conductive properties

What is the typical BOD content of domestic wastewater?

2500 mg/l

In what units is settleable solids commonly measured using an Imhoff cone?


Which statement(s) about BOD are true?

BOD test results are suitable for quickly establishing process efficiencies

What does a pH value less than 7 indicate?

An acidic condition

What are total solids made up of?

Both dissolved and suspended solids containing organic and inorganic matter

Test your knowledge on water quality assessment with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as conductivity, wastewater composition, total solids, pH levels, BOD5, and TSS measurements.

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