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What is the main difference between a confined aquifer and an unconfined aquifer?

The groundwater in a confined aquifer is under pressure, while in an unconfined aquifer it is not.

What does the term 'critical depth' refer to in the context of water flow?

The depth at which no other backwater forces are involved in the flow.

What factor affects the application efficiency of irrigation?

The salinity of the soil.

What defines the term 'crop coefficient' in agriculture?

The ratio of actual crop evapotranspiration to potential evapotranspiration.

What does 'algal bloom' in water indicate?

Overgrowth of algae producing dangerous toxins in water.

What does 'conveyance efficiency' measure in an irrigation project?

The ratio of water received at the inlet to water released at the project's headwork.

'Border irrigation' involves directing water flow down slopes along what?

Parallel border strips.

'Cropping pattern' refers to what in agriculture?

Sequence of different crops grown in regular order on specific fields.

'Dead storage volume' in a reservoir primarily accounts for what?

'Lost' water that cannot be utilized from a reservoir.

'Design irrigable area' for an irrigation project depends on what factors?

% arable lands and available water supply.

'Distribution uniformity' in agricultural irrigation systems relates to what aspect?

% difference in water application across an irrigated area.

'Dam height' is defined as the vertical distance between what two points?

'Crest' of the dam and lowest ground line point.

Border irrigation involves water flowing down the slope at varying depths.


A dam is constructed to prevent water flow.


Conveyance efficiency measures the ratio of water released at the project's headwork to that received at the inlet.


Critical depth is the depth of water flow where no backwater forces are involved.


Crop coefficient compares the potential evapotranspiration to actual crop evapotranspiration.


An algal bloom in water indicates a lack of nutrients.


Aquifers transmit water economically for pumping from artificially developed wells.


Design irrigable area depends on the projected crop yield only.


Dam height is measured from the top of the dam structure to the ground below.


Contamination refers to making water more suitable for intended use.


Crop water requirements include only evapotranspiration and consumptive use.


Bearings in irrigation projects should produce shear failure in the soil.


The afflux elevation refers to the rise in the maximum flood level due to the introduction of an obstruction like a dam.


An aquifer is a geological formation that contains water and transmits it at a rate insufficient for economic development.


Contamination of water involves the introduction of substances that make the water more desirable for intended use.


The critical depth in water flow refers to the depth where no other backwater forces are involved.


Conveyance efficiency measures the ratio of water released at the project's headwork to that received at the outlet.


Crop evapotranspiration rate includes water loss through transpiration and vaporation.


A dam's designed height refers to the actual height of the embankment after settlement.


Border irrigation involves parallel border strips with uniform water flow depths.


A basin irrigation type mainly involves applying water through a gap in the perimeter dike.


Crop coefficient compares actual crop evapotranspiration to potential evapotranspiration


Confined aquifers are groundwater layers that are not restricted by impermeable materials.


Dead storage volume accounts for sediment accumulation over a 10-year period in reservoirs.


Test your knowledge on water reservoir terminology and crop evapotranspiration concepts including actual vs predicted rates. Explore terms like afflux elevation and factors affecting evapotranspiration in agriculture.

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