Volleyball Team Structure and Roles

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What are the dimensions of the sides of a standard international volleyball court?

18 meters

What is the purpose of having a surface that is neither slippery nor rough in a volleyball court?

To avoid injuries

How is a standard international volleyball court divided by the net?

Into two similar squares

What type of flooring is commonly found in international volleyball courts?

Wooden or synthetic

How many poles are fixed at either sides of the volleyball court to hold the net?


How many players are there in a Team Size Volleyball team during a game?

6 players

What is the role of the Libero player in Team Size Volleyball?

Specialist in defending

Where is the headquarters of FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DE VOLLEYBALL (FIVB) located?


What is the main responsibility of the team captain in Team Size Volleyball?

Maintaining discipline

What is the primary role of FÉDÉRATION INTERNATIONALE DE VOLLEYBALL (FIVB) in volleyball?

Governing rules and conducting tournaments

Where is a volleyball court divided by a net in Team Size Volleyball?

Into two equal halves across the length

Learn about the team structure and roles in a volleyball team, including the specific positions of team captain and libero. Understand the rules regarding player movements and responsibilities during a volleyball match.

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