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How many players are allowed on the court at one time from each volleyball team?

6 players

Who developed the game of volleyball in 1895?

William Morgan

What is the most popular method of serving in volleyball?

Overhand serve

What are the offensive patterns in volleyball, typically used in sequence?

Bump, set, spike

What was the original name of volleyball?


How many innings and servers per inning were initially used in volleyball?

9 innings and 3 servers per inning

What inspired William G. Morgan to create volleyball?


How is a point or rally started in volleyball?

By serving the ball over the net

What determines which volleyball team serves the ball at the start of a match?

The team that won the previous point

Who officially declared the name 'volleyball' to be one word?

The United States Volleyball Association (USVBA)

Test your knowledge of volleyball rules and history with this quiz. Learn about the number of players on the court, serving positions, contact rules, and the game's development by William Morgan in 1895.

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