Vocabulary Quiz: Disaster and Response

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What does 'dawdling' mean in the context of the text?

Being slow, wasting time

Which term best describes 'greenhouse gas emissions'?

The emission into the earth’s atmosphere of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect

What is the meaning of 'perilously' as used in the text?

In a way that is full of danger or risk

What does 'fierce' mean based on the text?

Violently hostile or aggressive

What best describes 'far-flung' as mentioned in the text?

Distant, remote

What is the meaning of 'envoy' as per the given text?

A messenger or representative, especially one on a diplomatic mission

Study Notes

Vocabulary Building

  • 'Dawdling' means moving slowly and wasting time, often in a lazy or careless manner.
  • 'Greenhouse gas emissions' can be termed as 'pollution'.
  • 'Perilously' means in a way that is dangerously close to disaster or harm.
  • 'Fierce' means showing a strong and powerful intensity, often in terms of emotion or action.
  • 'far-flung' describes something that is located a great distance away, often in a remote area.
  • An 'envoy' is a person who is sent as a representative or ambassador to convey a message or negotiate on behalf of another party.

Test your knowledge of vocabulary related to disasters and responses with this quiz. Explore words like 'dawdling', 'frontline', 'immune', 'oversee', and more.

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