Vocabulary Quiz: Casual Chortle, Curt, Dormant, Dubious, Falter

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What does it mean for something to be classified as 'perpetual'?

Uninterrupted and seemingly ceaseless

Which term describes someone who is 'sociable'?

Friendly and pleasant

What does it mean to 'recede'?

Become faint or more distant

In what context would something be described as 'sullen'?

Showing a brooding ill humor

What action characterizes something that is 'unfurled'?

Unrolling, unfolding, or spreading out from a furled state

Which word describes a soft partly suppressed laugh?


What adjective means brief and to the point?


Which term is synonymous with 'inactive but capable of becoming active'?


What noun refers to a funeral lament sung with loud wailing?


Which adjective means not in active use or lacking a sense of restraint?


Test your knowledge of vocabulary with words like 'casual chortle', 'curt', 'dormant', 'dubious', and 'falter'. Identify the meanings and usage of these words in sentences.

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