Vocabulary Building: Fill in the Blanks

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What is the missing word in the sentence: 'This new device is beneficial in the classroom since it can _______ kids in and give them chances to engage in meaningful communication'?


When crossing the street, it is emphasized that one should do it with ______ observation due to the danger.


What action does Tom often do when his parents are away on business?

look after

Which term describes the specialty of an environmental organization that focuses on preserving endangered species?


What does it mean when something 'catches on' as mentioned in the text regarding Tik Tok?

caught on

What is a possible way to enhance students' experiences in the classroom using digital devices?


How can housework benefit young people according to the text?


What word fits in the blank to form a correct sentence: 'We are great friends because we both have a __ for music.'?


What is a potential impact of deforestation mentioned in the text?

Naturized habitats

How can children develop their relationship with their parents, based on the text?


Test your vocabulary with this quiz where you fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word. Improve your language skills and expand your word knowledge.

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