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What is the purpose of church history?

What is the main belief of the paleo-orthodox movement?

What is the most effective way to understand the Bible better?


  • Church history is a way to understand the Bible and the early church better.
  • Church history can help us to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.
  • There is nothing new under the sun. Church history is a way to understand the Bible and the early church better, and it has been done before.
  • Church history helps us to better understand the context and meaning of the biblical texts.
  • Church history is a common way of looking at scripture among the ancient and anciently derived churches.
  • The paleo-orthodox movement is a movement that is recovering its ancient roots.
  • This movement is based on the belief that what is always, what is everywhere, and what is by everybody is believed in.
  • This movement is effective in that it helps people understand the Bible better.


Test your knowledge of church history and its significance in understanding the Bible and the early church. Learn about the paleo-orthodox movement and its impact on biblical interpretation.

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