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What does gazing with squinty eyes typically show?


Which color represents warmth, cheerfulness, and optimism?


What does black symbolize according to the text?

Evil and mystery

In what type of social distance are the subjects tiny and hard to recognize in the vast setting?

Remote Social Distance

What is framing in the context of visual elements in an image?

The technique used to bring focus to a subject

What does blue represent according to the text?

Coolness and calmness

What are visual elements?

Characteristics that can be seen, such as line, shape, color, and value

What is the foundation of all drawings according to the text?

Vertical lines

What does a diagonal line suggest according to the text?

Movement or lack of stability

What are symbols according to the text?

Marks or signs indicating ideas or relationships

Which symbol is often used to represent the city of Paris according to the text?

Eiffel Tower

How does gaze contribute to conveying meaning in an image according to the text?

By showing how a figure is looking at something

Learn about visual elements such as lines, symbols, colors, distance, and framing, and their importance in conveying messages and emotions in images. Explore the characteristics of visual elements like line, shape, direction, size, texture, color, and value.

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