Village Tale: Mike and Morris

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What did Mike decide to do when he got tired of not being able to feed his family?

What did Mike instruct his family members to do when they stopped under the large tree?

Why did the thief decide to make a quick escape from the tree?

How did the thief drop the stolen jewels and money into Mike's lap?

What did Mike believe would happen when his wife asked about what they would eat?

What was Morris's reaction to seeing the contents of the tree?

Why were Morris's family members unwilling to obey his orders under the tree?

What did Morris's wife express concern about under the tree?

Why did Morris believe they would be helped under the tree?

What happened to Morris and his family under the tree?


Read this village tale about two families, one wealthy and the other struggling, and their journey towards a better life. Follow their story as they face challenges and make life-changing decisions.

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